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Searching for Land Records

RDC has developed tools to streamline the title searching process. Your office may be used to re-typing information on title reports. But we see this as an unnecessary and costly step. RDC can integrate your transaction management system with our search application and map the fields accordingly. When the search is run through RDC, we electronically transmit the "already typed" results into your system with the click of the mouse.

We do it using our advanced OCR/ICR technology.

With OCR (Optical Character Recognition), typing is significantly reduced. To activate OCR in RDC’s Report Builder, simply highlight areas of the document image such as the document date, name(s), amount(s) and legal descriptions, to populate as text into indexed fields. This information will be populated into the final report generated. You can also conveniently find information on the document image instead of sorting through numerous pages using our “Find” feature.

But that’s just the beginning. Our team took OCR functionality one step further and developed ICR, Intelligent Character Recognition, to make searching even easier. ICR goes beyond OCR and actually comprehends the text converted from the document image. By comprehending the information it is reading, RDC’s ICR engine is able to identify data that is important to include in your search, such as document date, amount and legal description. It also acts as an additional checkpoint in comparing indexed information to the OCR data from the document. Color codes display match levels between the two. Green means there is an exact match, yellow means there is a partial match, and red means there is no match.

These tools will help you streamline the searching process and improve turnaround time in your office.

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