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RDC has developed technology to provide you with quick, accurate title reports. Report Builder, our proprietary software, makes it easy for you to sort your search results and build the report you want. Our latest release allows you to filter results so you can view as many document types as you prefer. 

Here are some of the Reports you can generate with our system:

Current Owner or Ownership & Encumbrance Report (O&E Reports):
A Current Owner or O&E Search is actually several searches in one -- a Deed Search, Mortgage and Assignment Search, Judgment/Lien (Name) Search and Tax Search (taxes may not be available in all counties). This search is designed to provide information from the last good deed conveyance forward. A copy of the deed is included with the report. Copies of mortgages, etc. are available upon request. The O&E search is not to be construed with a Guarantee of Title, Title Commitment or Title Insurance Policy.

Two Owner Report:
The Two Owner Report is the same as the Current Owner Report with an additional deed into the prior owner. The Two Owner Search is not to be construed with a Guarantee of Title, Title Commitment or Title Insurance Policy.

•  Vesting Deed and/or Chain
•  Open Mortgage Chain
•  Judgments/Liens
•  Taxes & Parcel ID#
•  Legal Description

Deed Reports:
Deed information includes type of deed, who title is vested in, who title was received from, when the deed was recorded, book and page numbers and legal description. A copy of the last deed is included with the report.

•  Vesting Deed
•  Legal Description
•  Assessment/Parcel ID#

Mortgage Reports:
Mortgage information shows all open mortgages that encumber property and include: mortgage amount (if open ended, the amount is open to), when mortgage was dated and recorded, recorded book and page numbers, lender, borrower and who the mortgage is currently assigned to. Mortgages are listed in priority order. In addition, information related to open mortgages (e.g. agreements, etc.) are listed on the report. Copies of mortgages, assignments, modifications, etc. are not included with the report.

•  Open Mortgage Chain
•  Recording Information

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