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Products and Services

RDC is revolutionizing the title data industry, leading it in a new direction. We’ve always coupled professional service with cutting-edge products, and that has gained us rave reviews by our customers. We do it by offering advanced title searching technology that delivers title reports in seconds. And we built our system with enough flexibility so that it can integrate with our customers’ existing systems.

We’re upgrading our system to work even smarter and faster. Here are some of the highlights of our upcoming release:

More coverage: We've added 19 more counties to our electronic title plant,
bringing the current total to 95 counties

Integration: We've successfully integrated with several leading transaction
management systems and have several more projects in the works

New features: OCR to reduce key strokes, ICR for data validation, Floating
Notes to record pertinent information during a search, User Preferences to
customize the look and feel of the application, new filters for ease in viewing
search results, multiple export options to generate reports into your
preferred templates

Infrastructure: We've opened our new national operations center in
Pennsylvania with tens of thousands of square footage devoted to our

Security: Additional steps have been taken in the areas of disaster recovery
and redundancy to properly balance server usage and protect against
potential disasters

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